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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What the wedding cake photo reveals about Scottish democracy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the one the Scotsman published the other day of four Scottish “opposition” party leaders standing behind a mock up of a wedding cake to declare their support for the SNP’s same-sex marriage legislation certainly is.  Quite unintentionally the picture highlights the gap in attitudes and the gulf in priorities between the political class and the general public.   

On the one hand, these leaders view the issue of gay marriage as of such importance that they are putting aside their party differences and  treating it as being above party politics.  On the other hand, for most Scots the economy is the pressing issue, whilst equal-marriage is entirely marginal.  Nor is this state of affairs unusual.  On every social and moral issue our political and media class is united in its adherence to political correctness and Frankfurt-school Marxism.  At the same time, their useful thoughts on economics could be written on a postage stamp in large capital letters with generous spacing.

Ordinary people, however, display a very wide range of opinions drawn from their experience of life and varying personal beliefs;  A diversity that the politicians in Holyrood are unwilling to represent.

For example, which party will put forward traditional Christian views on marriage, assisted suicide or anything else for that matter?  Indeed, who is there for a Christian, a Muslim or a small “c” conservative to vote for?

Similarly, is there a single Scottish politician putting forward libertarian views on individual liberty and the state being the root of the problem rather than the solution?  (I wouldn't be so naive as to ask for a whole party.)

Given that all the Holyrood parties are politically correct and that non-PC views are effectively excluded, Scottish democracy can only be fairly described as little better than a sham.

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