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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Silence from the party which never shuts up.

It just occurred to me today that we have heard nothing from the SNP about Greece's debt problems, the downward spiral of its economy and the resultant suffering of the Greek people.  This is curious, as the SNP usually has an opinion about everything, and the party's activists and trolls will publish it everywhere and ad nauseam.

You would think that nationalists in one small European nation would have every sympathy with the oppressed people of another small European country.  Of course, part of the explanation is that the SNP aren't really nationalists at all, unless, of course, you view Europe as one nation. Ah, but there are rather bigger reasons for the SNP's silence. 

The SNP don't want to publicise what happens in the euro-zone to small countries that step out of line.  Their democratic governments are replaced by technocrats acceptable to the German Chancellor, the French President and the European Commission.  Also, they are prevented from taking the actions necessary to ensure national economic survival (ie defaulting, decoupling and devaluation).  Clearly, the SNP are hoping that we don't notice what a disaster the euro has turned out to be, especially for small peripheral countries, after all the party's desire to be in the European Union and adopt the euro is well known.

If the SNP's activists have lost their voices for once, then clearly all those of us who love Scotland should make every effort to ensure that the cautionary tale that is the suffering of the Greek people is not kept secret from the Scottish people.

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